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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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And here

Even in the best families often it happens that between children there is a certain jealousy in special between the firstborn and the second child.Quite often as the reason for that the following serves during gy months, and at times and years your firstborn remained center of your thoughts, to it all your love, all your cares and pleasures.And here suddenly it has a brother or renka.What will be its reaction On bulshy it depends on you.If there will be an impression, as if parents inattentively treat the first child, ly there is more than attention to the second, it is not necessary if that starts to feed unconscious mistrust stvo in relation to other child, in particular, if appearance of the newborn he demands from it any victims, to which not it is ready for example, to receive it is less than parent or to appear compelled to concede the bed or room.

I do not want

Or you can write I want to help Wad Dra to gy people.I would like to live in the developing country andto work there as the doctor.I do not want to have own children,and I want to care together with my partner of children, kotothe ry live in this country and which it is bad.Whether all to you on nyatnoFor all work minutes are provided to you.Now return to the general circle and choose to itself that, withwhom you would like to discuss your drawing.You have minuteson an exchange of opinions.Finish discussion and return to the general circle.Pozha, hang up your drawings on walls.Now everyone in turn should explain I surround shchy drawing of the workmate.

At us is not only

The modern way of life creates uncountable obstacles for normal functioning of a human continuum.At us is not only customs contradicting a continuum, such as separation of the child and mother after the delivery in hospital, use of carriages, beds and arenas, but also general belief that young mother should not take the child with itself for work or on a visit.Besides, our apartments and houses are isolated from each other, as a result of mother the companies of adults are deprived and are bored to death, and children cannot freely communicate with the contemporaries anywhere and the senior children, except as on small playgrounds or at school.

Remember that

One more woman continued to dress itself the sixyear daughter while to it did not tell that the daughter already and itself can perfectly do without her help and that, moreover it is necessary to encourage it in it, it will do it only good.Remember that the adult person always is authority for the child.Therefore, if mother or the father are sure that the child cannot independently put on, cut meat, stick laces etc., the child will begin to adhere to just the same point of view irrespective of, whether it can cope actually with this task.

If, of course, them

They adore to help adults.Especially when business favorable and interesting.If, of course, them did not manage to disaccustom to it.Occupy the child with useful business, such that the person understood that does something really necessary to parents that saw how you appreciate his contribution to common cause.Whose today turn Vanka at us the excellent guy, but sometimes on it finds.Began with that drawing at it did not turn out which on drawing set.Then a leaf to crumple, felttip pens to throw and row on a subject of disgusting school.While he acted, we sat down in kitchen and began to discuss Vankino behavior.

On their

You do not learn to what usually learns institute govoritrazumno with other people and thus to feel comfortable.Students with low marks sometimes too manage to graduate from institutes.On their own expression, they deceive system.For example, attend only those lectures on which there are many students and which pass in big halls.There you are anonymous, the teacher practically does not notice you, and you can sit out very quietly behind another's backs.It is theoretically possible to graduate from the institute on firm five, without having said thus a uniform word.

. Threat to fall

She wins

It can serve as an excuse not to risk, remain dependent, not to see people whom that you do not like to do is necessary to see, to do you.We know one rather timid student.She wins all the time from the shyness.People feel sorry for it and constantly offer the help if she does not decide to do something independently.They spend for it the time because her shyness forces them to feel guilty.However in reply to the courtesy they receive ice silence.The person who has got used only to take and to give nothing in exchange, never learns pleasures of a true friendship.If it frightens you, take the first important step decide that you do not want, that shyness continued to interfere with your life.


Public punishment of the child can stop it bad behavior, however it is fraught with other, undesirable consequences.Among them negative attitude to school, the teacher or education as a whole; school not visit; vandalism; sense of shame before agemates and shyness.It is considered to be that corporal punishment at our schools is applied seldom and that only in relation to children of the advanced school age when they seriously break an order in a class.Recently carried out researches proved the return.First of all the boys studying in classes suffer from corporal punishments at school.

Then a word

Why Because us the dominant, not some concrete word, concept or a symbol meanwhile owns.We see only this bright point a symbol, naturally, it it is better to compare to a flame, and another passes all to the periphery, in a shadow.If the word not simply complex of letters and sounds, and a sensual mold from a subject or the phenomenon which were reflected in consciousness of the child, is enough of it, that for it the feeling was hooked and the direct and return stream of energy and information was created.Then a word a code of sense which in it is ciphered.And to these the word differentiates one subject from others as some independent integrity.

You can use this

For this purpose unite them on subjects for example plants, furniture, animal.The more there will be groups in each group should be more than two layer, the more active lexicon of the child.You can use this exercise repeatedly.For example when you want, that your child quicker and with a great interest joined in occupation process.Exercise No.Do everything on the contrary! We begin game under the name All on the contrary game in contradictions.I will tell a word, and you answer opposite on value.

Yes, the stress

Phone, and for seniors also the Internet a wonderful thing for communication.Notes, records on video, etc.When come do not beat out the child from a habitual rhythm of life.Your emergence and so already a stress.Yes, the stress joyful, but also such creates tension.In the afternoon the kid sleeps Try to stack at the same time.Listens to fairy tales for the night Tell also you.Certainly, differences will be, but as a whole you should be entered in a habitual picture of the world of the child.Also it is not necessary to fill up it with sweets and toys, differently you will impart confidence that are obliged to humour the child.

As his selfconfidence

When situation on outstretched arms is tried in various variations and all possible pleasure is squeezed out of it, easy rocking comes to change to it updown with easing of force of a grasp of hands in the most top point.Having got used and to it, the child will want something more fascinating; then it throw up and catch.As his selfconfidence everything gets stronger, and the fear recedes back, to it allow to fly above and above and catch everything below.In the same way adults study at babies to the games developing will and selfconfidence through different sense organs.

And as a result

We see that there are different groups, for example, pravitelstvo of the different countries.And as a result they are engaged in that are measured by forces.One arrives in own way, and another – onTeenagers want changesto the, and both call it diplomacy.Are lifted up the friend before the friend, as two cocks.But we understand that they are far from the correct way.and.We observe the same and in the youth groups.l m The correct decision in that case shows discussion.But it is necessary to understand that if undeveloped people, any people, youth or certain any passersby on to be measured by forces, putting in action armies, they follow not to reason call, and follow the tastes of feelings and force.

William WordsworthVery

SILENT PRISON OF SHYNESSIn the childhood we soar in heavens!Over the growingup boyShadows of prison walls are condensed.William WordsworthVery often we have possibility to observe how the charmin dear and bright child turns into the dull pupil of elementary school.Chtoto occurred to the child, or public norms and requirements changed Probably, both that and another, but usually seems to the majority of parents that the child changed to the worst contrary to all our diligence.Supervision of the last years over the relations of children with parents and teachers prove that in new conditions of prompt rates of life adult should assume big responsibility for development of own children and the changes which are making with them in transition from the childhood in adolescence.

It is in us, on our internal

These things very much not simple, from rush to perception of reality – to the phenomenon really to the revolutionary.The world not such what we see it; gradually scientific too start it to find, in particular, in quantum fizi.It is in us, on our internal screen, instead of out of us.Everything that is represented to us out of us, is inside.Therefore if we will change ourselves, how the world operates out of us, according to the law of love and an interconnection, based on this law, we will see the true world.Instead of Principles of teenage groupthat we see now, representing it is the world, we suddenly we will feel being out of us true it is made the ny world staying in harmony, love and integrated communications between all the parts.

IT openly to condemn

Such statements as Well also that! It after all only is protected!, or Yes, he will manage to stand for itselfhimself in life, can to make negative impact on weak spirit.IT openly to condemn liars, which any right to respect and trust with Rhone other people.How many facts of uneducational behavior tory parents can be brought, speaking about ! Certainly, it is not necessary to generalize; but if you not to spoil conscience of the child as it is impossible more important will carefully avoid any Isetruth kazheniye!Never it is necessary to create at the child the line, as if we are afraid that he can lie.Therefore, it is necessary to avoid recommendations it seems Only do not lie to me, better to say to it I it is sure that you will tell to me the truth!.

When to the girl

Now about relative perfect ear.This ability gives the chance to estimate the relations between sounds of various height.When to the girl gave a task to compare set the fashion with height of consecutive sounds and to estimate the relations between them it executed it almost unmistakably.The teacher drew a conclusion at the girl the LVL feeling of sounds is developed.At perception of harmonious complexes of sounds melodies we hear them in some outlined harmony.Sounds of this sequence have the set functional ratios one sounds basic and consequently resistant, and others unstable, variativny, as if somewhere tear, loosening a melody.

Except for, naturally, those

Them the rate on result, instead of on development of abilities which are synthesized over time in the mechanism, the name to which talent becomes.Why so occurs one children become child prodigies, and others are not presentWe consider that on start at the birth chances at all are identical.Except for, naturally, those who inherited a defective genotype among the reasons of they be hereditary diseases, alcoholism, drug addiction etc And further a lot of things depends on parents.If they own such tools as kindness and wisdom, through any time appears that their child the child prodigy.


If your child does not go to kindergarten, it is better if it is brought up by the person at whom besides your child other children are brought up also.Therefore looking for the nurse or the tutor, track not only that necessary leaving but also that it had a possibility of communication with other children especially was rendered to your child if your child is timid.Some parents of children of more advanced age do not love, when to them friends of their child on a visit come.They explain it to that teenagers rustle too much, constantly create any problems and escape from under control.

Gradually speed

Also do not drive on lines a pointer or a finger the child should move a look without a verse of supportive applications.But.having changed over and having transferred tow function to the child, try, that it longer did not stop after all our main task in this case to develop at it skill of highspeed reading.Further it is possible to vary speed of reading to words in a minute.Repeat exercise repeatedly.Gradually speed of reading the child will begin to be tightened to yours.Exercise No.Words be settled at a window.About what they speak You read very quickly.

Then, when

It will relieve you of repetition of an unpleasant situation.I understand you.If we have a roar, I at first allow Julia to come off properly.Then, when it will a little exhaust, I try to approach, embrace, stroke.I very much love you.I want, that to you it became easier.And then I try to be engaged in something on the house if I feel that she would like one to stay.And only then, in the evening over a cup of tea, we come back to situation analysis.And so And how you think, why it so left and That it was necessary to make, that.I think, it is necessary to allow for the person to be such as is, instead of to shout, not to mock.

Therefore, it is necessary

Therefore, it is necessary for us it is correct to use stability of the woman, her desire to be in charge of housekeepin be engaged in a family and children, instead of to encourage rivalry with men.Needs of the woman are quite natural to be mother, the wife, the hostess in the house, first of all, to have the house, and for that, already in addition to all this to see preuspevayushchi the children, and after achievement of these purposes, can to be, be engaged in public work.and.To be engaged in businessl m In my opinion, it is a nature mutation, on to that that this occupation is not natural to the woman.

It is important, that

The volunteer begins, then relay racethe neighbor at the left and so on picks up it.Comment.It is important, that before carrying out this exerciseyou gave the chance to group to be uttered, to digest ostat to discuss all claims, to clear the relations, a mustache the savedup irritation, etc.Positive on the system should not serve as cover for unexpressed wipe tsatelny impressions.TO THAT I LEARNEDHoweHowePurposesThis exercise lets possibility know znachibridge of each participant of group it is allowed time for that everyone could tell about itselfhimself.

But it is not less

We, parents, know that should teach the sons of responsibility, involving them in performance of household chores, and to impart them social skills, teaching the polite and valid address in a family.But it is not less important to take care of that boys had a high selfimage that they believed in the forces.And it can be made, only supporting them in search of the special interests, helping them to open and understand the sincere tendencies to that becomes passion of their life.Success experience is necessary for the boy.Groups of boy scouts, teams on swimmin American Indian conductors, N, vacation bible schools, tourist clubs, sports camp all this is focused on readiness yearold boys persistently to work, achieve success and to reach it.

That is it works

And it means spending energy for this process, it gets to the new sphere of activity of power supply the spent energy to it comes back in much large numbers in comparison with the spent efforts.That is it works and at the expense of the third mechanism of power supply the mechanism of accumulation of energy, the scientific name, to which the mechanism of an induction of superfluous anabolism.And in what then sense of leisure In change of a kind of activity.And how it to reachUs there lives energy that activity which is harmonious and creates positive feelings.When the pupil works, creates subjects or the phenomena, develops talent mechanisms souls and bodies, it is always accompanied by positive feelings.

It becomes

The passive child who is comfortably feeling in a continuum and happy with realization of the expectations of continuous physical contact, does not participate almost in an energy discharge, providing it is to the adult holding it or the child.But such state of affairs considerably changes, as soon as the manual period ended and the child started to creep.The power exchange occurs now at the expense of actions of the child, at least in the afternoon, carried out without mother.It becomes unusually active.The kid quickly enough masters crawling and starts to move with a high speed, and then when will learn to run on all fours even quicker.

Young man looks

They ask about deep things, even if are not able, hesitate or afraid of them to express.But these questions at them is, and they are involved very much by serious reflections about lives, about sense the existence expressed in songs and sti.Even their searches in various night entertainments napravLena on finding the main thing in life.Young man looks for it why, why, that is in everyone yavline And if we from time to time as though between times are about it to speak – by means of songs to the guitar, sitting in a circle on the seashore, – that we can reach much.After such night they can return with absolutely other relation to zhiz.

Other method

One of them is based on substitution of an internal image of the child by a way of repeated internal representation of playing the dominating role.Other method is directed on correction of children's behavior through games with children of younger age.From the early childhood along with fairy tales needs to tell the child stories in which the imagination intertwines a srealnost and in which the child himself is protagonist.It is possible to place action in any familiar place, maybe, home someone from members of the family and to begin history approximately so Behind high mountains through which any eagle cannot fly, behind the wide seas in which white sharks and sirens float, the island such lies.

In order

Possibility to learn will execute and understand music to promote growth of his respect for and will give it food as a hobby.It is necessary to play that musical instrument which to the boy is pleasant, and that music, which to it to liking.It is an indispensable condition of training to music.In order to avoid power fight concerning need of daily exercises and ejection of money for expensive lessons, we advise to you attentively to listen to that the boy loves.When I was still absolutely small, on a piano in kindergarten played aurally songs which were pleasant to me.


Usually raised level of uneasiness is peculiar to unbalanced children with excitable or weak nervous system.Impulsiveness the child is inclined to act on the first motivation without preliminary considering.Impulsiveness to a different measure is peculiar to all children, but at bright expressiveness it can become a serious obstacle in the course of study.It is shown at the child in fieriness, irascibility.levity, incessant bent for to change of impressions and so on.RECOMMENDATIONS FOR INCREASE OF EFFICIENCY OF OCCUPATIONSTake away for occupations a special place and time First of all choose and prepare a special place for work.

Such scene

The boy needs the management, instead of in possibility to choose.Such scene is familiar to all of us mother in kitchen, the threeyear son nearby plays with clay.She asks the kidThat you want a dry breakfast or fritters What dry breakfast Your health, corn flakes, oatflakes or granules That to you to give to them yogurt, milk or halfandhalfThan to sweeten honey or sugar You will be white sugar or dark and so on, and so on.The Valdorfsky teacher and world famous lecturer Evgeny Schwarz argues that the child who does not have a living example adult, selfassured and capable to send the child, in further life will be compelled to conduct severe fight to reach internal confidence and ability to use internal system of the management.

Eventually, the person

m It too can strongly touch, but it nevazhbut! We are ready to it, it is necessary! The person should give exit to the feelings!and.You understand that there will be verbal insults.m We have feelings and reason.When emotions prepossess over reason, they should give the chance to calm .How By means of hot discussions and noisy discussions.Eventually, the person is a car, which is tired.Therefore it is necessary to allow to people to be uttered.And when reason and feelings will come to balance, it is possible to start to talk.

He should

But it is necessary to notice that the child at early age cannot distinguish inadequate mother in any way, not capable raise the child in the tideway of a continuum.Such mother remains indifferent to signals of the child and is not adjusted to satisfy his expectation.Later with intelligence development the child starts to understand that their interests absolutely disperse.He should struggle with mother to rescue itself.And still at heart it cherishes thought that mother loves it certainly, without everyones but, simply so, that it is though aloud it can suggest otherwise.

But anyway, it, your

We for them a sample, and such which is not exposed to doubt.That is bad that is good, they learn from us.And then our children leave the first circle.Also get to another public, social.The kindergarten, school, agemates and the company, adults from teachers to neighbors on shops everything leaves a trace, everything influences.But anyway, it, your child, always comes back to the house.And on house foundations it the rest will verify all.The child is farther, the it becomes more independent, but the house remains in a basis as a support, as harbor, as a sample.Of what there are our relations From trifles, from the most usual everyday life.

But be careful

And still after a while Certainly, I would like, mummy to get in paradise; but I would prefer to stay still a little bit with fight.But let will be how God will want.Sometime it is necessary to talk and about a devil, which is sad reality.But be careful do not dramatize.Not those to medieval pictures or frightening to zheniye of devils with horns, hoofs and burning sty.Certainly, eternal torments of a hell the truth; ours The Lord resolutely confirmed it in the Gospel.But avoid the details which do not have under vaniye they only so strongly fire up imagination, that cause in some children the real phobia, which at teenage age will be replaced to hole.

Child yes does

The slightest dishonesty of parents brings to to destruction of their moral authority.Even if the child will notice it not at once, it nevertheless is unpleasant will surprise his and his trust will reel.Child yes does not forgive lie.Reaction at the kid other, whether at adults without possessing critical spirit, it literally perceives everything told by parents promises, threats or even prophecies.If for obvious reasons parents cannot to answer on any annoying or tny question of the child, let they do not deceive its idle talk better to say to it with ache simplicity that at the moment they not in standing to give it an irrefragable answer.

But he declared

Once early in the morning I found out that the engine of our Volkswagen the hot.Then our sixteenyear son Matt went down by a breakfast with such look as though he did not sleep all night long.But he declared that about the car knows nothing.I understood that something occurs.On Saturday I carried it to have dinner to our favourite town.Also asked there directly Where you were yesterday early in the morning I knew that the history should be interesting.It always goes by other our car because is not able to use the handle, gear shiftings therefore folksvagenovsky bug is used seldom.Matt began to hesitate and something mumbled, and then at last broke up.

Why he so imperceptibly

It is clever and widelyread.Why he so imperceptibly behaves at lessonsHaving studied characteristics of teachers for all years of training of John, his head in the tenth class gave to it very good advice which does not need at all superfluous comments.I recommended to John tolerantly to treat teacher's remarks concerning his tikhost.Silent and silent to be absolutely normal in the world it is full of people who do not like to speak too much! However we always very much appreciate John's any remarks which it does with all the heart as his statements are very thoughtful.

Their activity

Also solved well, with inspiration.Also God descended to see the city and a tower which human sons built.Saw and understood will not be now for them impossible that they will conceive.And the mankind continues this business.Actually, they also began our civilization.Their activity was extra natural the realized task which decision was useful to people and essentially selfvaluable.The Lord descended and mixed there their languages that they did not understand each other.It pursued what purpose, nobody knows.

The most

It is best of all, if such conversation leads the father.Many parents make an inexcusable mistake, believing that at the right time children already know everything about sex that they need to know.However their knowledge at the best and is inexact more often.The most important to that parents should teach the sons it to be attentive to feelings of other person, validly to treat the word no and as the colleague of spouses Gordon told to the son, never to use the penis as the weapon against other person.It is necessary to let for boys know, what do you think of its sexual life.

Parents suddenly

Hobbies of the period of adolescence develop in personal, more the steady relations with people.Parents suddenly find out that to the son the sense of humour and interest to family affairs though for the present he after all prefers to spend time in the company of friends returned.We can sigh a little bit our grown and matured sons become more cheerful, treat vital takeoff and falling more optimistically and consequently will leave the house more peaceful.I remember, how parents when to me it was executed seventeen grew wiser I could approach now to them with any question exciting me.

Why the nature

m We should explain to girls, as estewe supplement with a stvenny way each other that it occurs not at the expense of other floor, and opposite, we know, that lacks to one floor to add other floor.Why the nature created everything thus After all it occurs not because of female weakness and not because the man is strong.But if we address to our natural roots and to the purposes which we aspire to reach, we will see it dopolnethe scientific research institute in an ideal when actually everything suffices, and is not present preimushchestvo of one before others.

For teenagers

They are compelled to communicate with different people inthat number and with those who to them is not nice, and sometimes and simplyit is opposite.At last, before school it is necessary to transfer a task to the teenagerenough special knowledge which would allow itto be prepared for professional activity.School it is a peculiar springboard from the intermediate status under sprout to the status of the adult possessing economic samostoyatelnost.For teenagers the teacher and schoolmates are vazhneyshy partners in educational process.Teachers they vosaccept in three roles as assistant in development of the newpsychological status, as friend and as opponent.

The school

The eternal student, infinitely passing examinations on any diploma, the lifelong inhabitant of all schools and educational institutions, chose the alma mater as an acceptable substitute of mother.The school is more and more stably, than he.It it is quite predictable reacts to good or bad behavior.It protects from the faceless cruel world which is too dangerous to vulnerable and undeveloped mentality of the big child.Adult desire to test and the abilities and, thus, to continue the development, it can not be realized in the diffident person, regardless of his age.Absolutely differs from the eternal student who is in position of the child in relation to the school or from the businessman, not coming off decades from skirt of the company, the adventurer and the conqueror.


Development of this spirit depends first of all from tel, from unity of their actions at education of children, from a constant example of their love, from that way, tory they as their children grow up, get them to take part in family affairs and in stvenny alarms, it depends and on, as far as they will manage to unite the present with the past, having inspired to children lawful pride of their grandfathers and grandmothers and for their ancestors true nobility not in a name, but in heart and in honor, and also from, as far as they to create the pleasure and trust atmosphere.


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